My name is Dr. Dan Rosin and I am delighted you have chosen to view my website. I have been a teacher, therapist and consultant for 50 years. The majority of that time was spent counselling burned out, over worked, under empowered and extremely distressed people. As well, I have been promoting the concepts of wellness and prevention through workshops, presentations, a newly developed wellness model and written articles and books.

Newsletter Vol. # 48 That's how I see it!

Hello and welcome to this week's newsletter. Goodbye

What you will find in this week's newsletter:
Teenagers-sex drugs and rock 'n roll
Forrest Gump-three questions that got him into heaven
Obesity-a national crisis
Second in a series on "Change"
Reader Response


Teenagers! What gives with them? What goes on in their heads? I came across an interesting article by Dr. Michael Bradley, psychologist and teen expert (McLean's).

Concepts - mid-week (Dan Rosin) #2


I have been an educator, counsellor, and therapist in Manitoba for more than 50 years. Throughout my career I have worked with a great many stressed and burned out people from all walks of life, helping them understand how their choices effect their stress and personal wellness . Finding Balance: 101 concepts for taking better care of self  was written for those individuals who wish to maintain more positive control over their lives.

Over the years, I have penned many articles on the subject and have conducted numerous workshops, speaking to thousands of people on the effects of stress, the promotion of wellness, the development of in-house prevention teams - all to encourage people to take better care of themselves.

Newsletter Vol. # 47 That's how I see it!

Hello and welcome to this week's newsletter.

What you will find in this week's newsletter:
Digital Communication
First in a series of four articles on "Change"
Big 3&2--Managing Your Health
How about adding a little jazz to your Saturday?
Walking Relieves Depression
Exam-interesting questions, novel answers

Digital Communication

Dr. Stephen Franson in his blog makes an interesting point concerning cell phone usage and the integrity of your word in making commitments

Concepts - mid-week (Dan Rosin) #1

I was too busy golfing this past week to prepare a newsletter on Sunday. Instead I am going to do a little self-promoting- which may become a regular mid-week offering. In a way I am gearing up for the release of my newest book that was written a few years ago but not released in agreement with my present employer. More on that story at a much later date.

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