My name is Dr. Dan Rosin and I am delighted you have chosen to view my website. I have been a teacher, therapist and consultant for 50 years. The majority of that time was spent counselling burned out, over worked, under empowered and extremely distressed people. As well, I have been promoting the concepts of wellness and prevention through workshops, presentations, a newly developed wellness model and written articles and books.

Newsletter Vol. #86 Thats How I See It!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018!

How are you coping with the cold snap? I know Drinda and I are staying close to home these days. Apparently it will be getting better after Wed. of the coming week.

Contents: Why no Jail? Why bother memorizing phone numbers? I needed some Golf stuff; Seasonal Affective Disorder-articles on depression and suicide; Bullshittin (humour)


Newsletter Vol. #85 Thats How I See It!

Merry Christmas and yes, Happy holidays (if I am to be politically correct--there's always a first). I hope you are surrounded by loved ones and the spirit of this time of the year. I love Christmas but I always get mushy-I guess it's all the people who aren't here and those who have left us for good. I'll try not to make this edition too maudlin. In fact, I am going to on purpose make it upbeat and humorous. Only two offerings this edition: The Wedding (so if you don't know me that well, you can skip the wedding and get right to the humour) and Humour.


Newsletter Vol. #84 Thats How I See It

It is getting close to the shortest day of the year for sunlight! Experts tell us that light in through the retina is what keeps our spirits up and depression at bay. So, I included three short articles on SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) to keep you informed on this condition. In Manitoba it is not a matter of "if" we are affected by the cold and lack of sunlight, but to what degree!



Newsletter Vol. #83 Thats How I See It!

Content: About Men; Abusive Men Pt. 1; The Quiz; "bluelight"; A letter from a loving daughter; Invitation to have a musical House Party

Only a few weeks until Christmas and I don't have any cute Christmas stories/jokes-can you help me out?  danrosin@drcounselling.com

In light of what is happening in the entertainment and political world since Harvey W, I thought these articles would be appropriate.

About Men



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