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"bluelight" Sept. 1

         Will be performing this Saturday 
                    Sept.1, 9:30 - 1:00
                        "Juss Jazz"

"bluelight" at Juss Jazz


                                                        Your Invited


I am still occasionally using my "automatic sender outer thingy" - sends out information after midnight to all you fine folk. The information is:

                 "bluelight" is part of this years Winnipeg International Jazz Festival

Newsletter # 100 Don't Hit that Button!

     Have you ever wished you had taken a second or two longer to check what you had written before sending it out into cyber-space? You know those emotion-laden, shoot from the hip kind of responses that only land you in hot water or you forgot to use Spell Check and look less than intelligent? Well I certainly have!

Newsletter #99 New Years Resolutions

I recently wrote this article for the CBC - Manitoba Scene. I know it is not January and the time of the year we usually plan new-year resolutions, but perhaps "Change" "Spontaneity" "Spice" and "Good Stuff Journals" are worth talking about at any time of the year.

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