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That's how I see it!

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Newsletter Vol. #65 Thats how I see it!

Hi, were back! Had a great time on our holidays in the Caymans and now back to reality--I do love holidays and I do love coming home.

Thank you!



"bluelight" Sept. 1

         Will be performing this Saturday 
                    Sept.1, 9:30 - 1:00
                        "Juss Jazz"
                    240 Portage Ave

We just received word today (31) that we will be

performing at Juss Jazz this Saturday. If you're in

town this long weekend come join our party.



"bluelight" at Juss Jazz


                                                        Your Invited


I am still occasionally using my "automatic sender outer thingy" - sends out information after midnight to all you fine folk. The information is:

                 "bluelight" is part of this years Winnipeg International Jazz Festival

Newsletter # 100 Don't Hit that Button!

     Have you ever wished you had taken a second or two longer to check what you had written before sending it out into cyber-space? You know those emotion-laden, shoot from the hip kind of responses that only land you in hot water or you forgot to use Spell Check and look less than intelligent? Well I certainly have!


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