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Conscious vs. Automatic

I don't trust myself, and others even less, when it comes to automatically making good lifestyle choices.
I believe people store messages on their brain computers that cause them to make automatic choices that may be detrimental to their health:
•   work until the job is done, then you can play
•   if you want something done, do it yourself
•   if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well -  all the
These messages are essentially concerned and perfectionist messages that if followed consistently, will rob us of our health.
A lot of learned behaviours (messages) are automatic in that we do them without conscious thought. To get our lives in balance requires us to remain focused, to stay on track, and to think daily about what we need to do to achieve our goals. We need to stay in the here and now and make decisions consciously, not based on old habits.
You need to think and plan more consciously about what is healthy and good for you, instead of just responding to what you should do. Perhaps you have already started ...

 Perfection is most often a dysfunctional state.