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       The theme for several sessions with a client was, "I can't really do anything to help myself because I am depressed". I believe that if you change behaviour, most often the feelings will catch up. Do something different and see what happens to the feelings.
      As a result of this discussion about change and doing something different came a new slant - the concept of Better. We need to work on making things better, or they get worse!
      We need to continually work at making our lives better. We don't always get better but we need to strive, to have goals that will at least allow for the possibility. We don't just do activities because it is 'nice' or we 'should'. We do things, activities, because they contribute to our quality of life.
       Making things 'better' might look like getting in shape, purchasing a new piece of furniture, acquiring a new skill, or taking a course.
       Life has an attrition aspect to it, wears us down, and invites us to feel depressed. Sometimes we need to work at 'Better' just to stay even, to not be depressed.

                      Work at making your life 'better'
          or do nothing and run the risk of it getting worse.