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Midweek #9

I realize I have been, over the last eight weeks, emphasizing my first book, I can have fun on a school night and that it became known after six re-prints as Finding Balance... that sold over 10,000 copies. I included a concept from that book in all previous eight Midweek newsletters. I hope by now that most of you have a copy, have enjoyed it, found something that spoke to you and was helpful, and that you have recommended it to others--there is still a slow trickle of sales through McNally Robinson and online. However, I would like to change emphasis from Finding Balance to book #2 Communication & 's Relationships (C&R).

C&R has not yet been released and so I would both like and need people to review it. If it has no value, if that's what the reviews tell me I will just throw it in the corner with all my old used hockey gear, or use it for a doorjamb or hold up an end table. But if it's good, worthwhile, useful to people, I need to know that and I hope that's what the reviews will tell me. So please take this opportunity to review C&R.

If you and/or your contacts would like a copy of Communication and Relationships ($19.95) for free - to review, please call me or email me.
I am afraid that you will be on the hook for the postage ($6) if I have to mail it to you. However, you still save $13 plus and reviews do not have to be lengthy. (See sample reviews for Finding Balance at under Site Navigation, Testimonials.

Dan rosin, 178 Elm St. Wpg. R3M 3P2
Pick up is free! We can make arrangements
Telephone 299-9399 or email me at

I truly hope you find the read worthwhile.

Thanks, Dan