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Today a Choice, Tomorrow a Lifestyle

Behaviour, or what we actually do, comes from the ability and the right to make a choice. We can choose to work out or not work out. I can phone somebody that I need to phone or chose not to phone them. Pay bills or not pay bills. None of this is extremely profound, but it is interesting, particularly if we understand that many people don't feel they have the ability, right or opportunity to make choices. Even if I don't consciously use my power and right to choose, I am still choosing. To choose to do nothing is still a choice.

I've discovered that if I don't make a conscious choice to do or not do something in three consecutive days - if I just let it go, or if I procrastinate in making a choice - I am, in effect, still making a choice for a different kind of lifestyle. Can I choose not to go for a walk today? Sure, it's a choice, but it's not a lifestyle change. My lifestyle can still include walking. The second day, can I choose not to go walking? Yes, because I still haven't taken walking out of my lifestyle. However, if on the third day I choose not to go walking, I have made a commitment, a definite move into the area of changing a lifestyle.

So, do we want the choice of not working out on a certain day or eating a piece of chocolate cake every once in a while or just relaxing and not driving ourselves so hard on certain days? Yes! But I warn you ... be careful what you choose, because as innocent, pleasant or necessary as it may seem, before you know it, in just three days, it can become a permanent lifestyle change.It is also important for you to remember that when making changes, what you start doing is more important than what you stop doing.  

Remember - three consecutive days begins a new lifestyle habit.