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Wellness Continuum

The continuum is not my creation, but I use it consistently with clients and in workshops. It shows the progression from sickness to wellness. What's most significant is that the majority of the population exists somewhere between sickness and absence from illness. We are satisfied with just not being ill, our goal is not to be ill rather than strive for wellness. It is common practise for Western medicine to stop service when the patient is not ill. There is a tremendous difference when our goal is to be self-actualized, to be all we can be, entirely healthy and well, as opposed to just being satisfied with not being ill. It is time to contemplate moving across that midpoint and into the wellness dimension, even if it does take more initial effort, more preparation, more cost. That includes eating right and taking time to plan activities. Perhaps the payoff comes later when you spend less time being ill and create more energy for living.

Wellness is more than the absence of illness