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Midweek #3, 2017 correction

Sorry for the glitch in this article. Here it is in it's entirety.


"Finding Balance", "Communication & Relationships"

Books, that I am aware of, that have a similar style to my books include "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff..." by Dr. Richard Carlson, Hyperion, 1997; "Chicken Soup For The Soul" by Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen, Health Communications, 1993; and "Living On The Couch" by Dr. Irving D. Yalom, Basic Books, 1996.

Dr. Yalom's book comes particularly to mind because he writes about the same topic as I do--the happenings in therapy. He is a master storyteller and writes for therapists. I have come to write for ordinary people who need to discover different ways of improving their relationships and lives. Being a fly on the wall in the therapist's office holds great fascination for people and they seek to read books in this area. The potential for learning different options to dealing with their own issues is enticing.

My first book, "I can have fun on a school night!" was originally written for people in the Helping Professions (teachers, nurses, social workers, counsellors, etc.) like Dr. Irving Yalom. However, over the years with many rewrites and six reprints, I realized the concepts in the book applied to most everybody and so under the new title Finding Balance: 101 concepts for taking better care of self (American publisher-Authorhouse convinced me of this title), reflects that change.

Most of the concepts, insights, and stories in the book are the result of the creative interaction between my clients and myself. Time in therapy has often been reduced by an on-target teaching concept, such as those that fill the pages of this book. These concepts help 'cut to the chase' inviting understanding and insight with a minimum of verbiage.

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