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Taking Better Care of Yourself

If educators are to survive and, even more so, if they are to thrive in education, new ways, better ways, more consciously decided upon ways of living their lives need to be considered. Being an educator in 2004 takes a special kind of person, a person who not only loves their students but one who also loves them self. A person who understands that to have a "good" year this year, next year, and in future years, it will take a conscious effort and a great deal of self-love and personal commitment to being in the best shape they can conceivably be. Yes, they/we definitely need to be in good shape physically, psychologically and emotionally to withstand the rigors of being an educator in this decade. We need to consciously look after ourselves to the best of our ability otherwise with our pressured lifestyle we will not survive, we will burnout and eventually we will want to get away from this our chosen profession.