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Book Giveaway

Hi discerning and intellectually superior readers of the finest newsletters

 I hope you had a great summer, one of the warmest on record I am told. My summer has been great and I am a little sad that it is coming to an end. So I am prolonging summer and not declaring fall yet, and therefore will not be sending out a newsletter for a few more weeks. I do however, want to inform you of my whereabouts over the next few weeks in regards to where I will be giving away my book, "Communication & Relationships". As a subscriber of the "That's How I See It!" newsletter you are definitely entitled to your free copy of my book. Drop by one of the following locations and pick up your copy:


      Johnny's on Marion*       382 Marion       Wed. Sept. 12, 8am –2pm

      Amis Falafel Place*      1101 Corydon      Sun. Sept. 16, 8 am -2p

Stella's*             166 0sbome        Thurs. Sept. 27, 8 am -2pm

Reh-Fit Center       1390 Taylor       Fri. Sept. 28, 9 am -1pm

        Goodlife Kenaston      143 Nature Park Way      Tues. Sept. 25, 4pm -9pm

                                                                            Sun. Sept. 30, 9am – 12pm

 Come and have breakfast with me at on of these three fine restaurants* or drop by the Reh-Fit or Goodlife and see what a wonderful fitness facilities we have in this city.

Just a reminder to check your "Junk" file as many of the "Thats How I See It!"newsletters are being sent directly to this folder and not showing up on your regular "messages".