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Thank you

You Are To Be Thanked- So Thank You!

I made an interesting observation the last couple of weeks while sitting in gyms and restaurants and promoting my book, Communication & Relationships. What I observed is that there are some people in this world who are so into themselves and their life, that they don't seem to have any room for even a small conversation on something that might be different from their "normal." Then there are those who are afraid, really afraid to make eye contact. I can only speculate what that is about: low self-esteem, bad past experiences with strangers, it's a cultural thing, maybe they feel they are above it all, or maybe they are just very focused on getting the gym thing done and getting back to the office. That's them!

Then there is you! You, who were open and curious enough to stop by my table in that gym or restaurant and chat about my new book, you who gave me your name and email address so that I could contact you and send you my free newsletter, and inform you when I was about to launch the book.

Remember, how you can support me-- by letting all those folks on your Internet platforms (E-mail, Facebook, Twitter) know when and where the launch will take place and encouraging them to get involved the week of the launch. I believe Communication & Relationships can be very helpful but only if people know about the book, and you're helping to inform them.

 Thank goodness there are people like you who are willing to take a risk and let something new into their life. Thank you--you are appreciated!

Look for the "That's How I See It!" newsletter this weekend.