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Dr. Dan's Midweek


Hi Everyone

 If any of you folks are in business, in an office and are close with your colleagues, a teacher in a school, where ever, and would like to give those special folks in your life something a little extra this Christmas, I’ve got the extra for you!

 I had originally printed 1500 copies of “Communication & Relationships" for the—" Give away 1000 books to acquire 1000 emails” campaign, and I still have 300 copies of the book left from that printing. That campaign is completed (over 11,000 emails) and so I am willing to sell the remaining books at a ridiculously low bulk price, and it’s Christmas

1-10 books     $5 each

11-20 books   $4 each

 21 + books     $3 each

 So, if you’re in business and want to give your customers a little extra this year, or just want to give an interesting stocking stuffers to friends and family, drop me an email or call me at 204-299-9399 and do a pickup or have the books couriered for only $ 7.00.