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I am totally sick of it!

I am totally sick of it!


Sick of computers that is! Some people getting my newsletter and a whole lot not getting my newsletter!!


I found out Tuesday, December 4, that for the last several months, maybe over a year, only one quarter of my email addresses were receiving the “That’s How I See It!” Newsletter. My automatic email distribution program that is supposed to send out the information has only been sending out a portion of the 1200 addresses.


Well it’s been fixed! (Thanks greatly Jeff)


If you wish to see what you have missed log on to my website; under Navigation click Newsletters

                                                                       click 2018 Newsletters

                                            scroll down and click Vol. #110

                                                                       click Vol. #111

                                                                       click Vol. #106

                                                                       click Vol. #107

                                                                       click Vol. #108

                                                                       click Vol. #109