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Dr. Dan's Midweek

                       "Communication & Relationships" Is In Good Company


Books that have a similar style to my book include “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff…” by Dr. Richard Carlson, Hyperion; “Chicken Soup For The Soul” by Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen, Health Communications; and “Living On The Couch” by Dr. Irving D. Yalom, Basic Books.


Dr. Yalom’s book comes particularly to mind because he writes about the same topic as I do--the happenings in therapy. He is a master storyteller and writes for therapists. I write for ordinary people who need to discover different ways of improving their relationships and lives. Being a fly on the wall in the therapist’s office holds great fascination for people; they seek to read in this area as well. The potential for learning different options for dealing with their own issues is enticing.


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