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Dr. Dan's Midweek Special

                     Sleigh bells ring are you listening?


Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and perhaps you’re looking for a unique gift for someone you care about, or maybe as an office gift?


Consider these options:


Special Pricing for “That's How I See It!" subscribers:


     “Communication & Relationship” book(s)                   $5.00 or 4 for $16


     "Finding Balance" book                                                $10.00


     1 "Family Tree" game                                                   $15.95


     1 “Family Tree" & 1 "Communication & Relationship"  $19.95


     Bulk orders will save you even more


     E-mail and arrange for pick up (

          or delivery by David (neighbours boy) $7.00


                                    Dr. Dan Rosin 178 Elm St.
                                       Phone: 204-299-9399


                      Have a Merry Christmas!





Both Communication & Relationships" and “Finding Balance” are written in the same style – a different way of seeing things, a new perspective to an old problem that occurred to me while in therapy with clients. The insights seemed to work, to make sense and to further the ability of the clients to see their problem in a new light.


The concepts from both books are not centred on my clients per se but rather on what they learned so as to better understand their problems and help themselves to make the changes that would lead to better outcomes in their lives.


In a practical sense what I did was, as I realized this new piece of learning, I jotted the idea/concept on a piece of paper and threw it in a folder in my briefcase. When the folder got too thick for carrying around any longer, I started writing and compiling the outlines of these concepts. The collection of these concepts took years. The actual writing, editing, a cover design, marketing— probably another two or three years. These books have been in my life for the last 15 years and the journey, well it’s not over yet!


See you at the launch in February.