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Dr Dan's Midweek Feb. 20



McNally Robinson Booksellers

Is pleased to present

Dan Rosin


Communication and Relationships

Wednesday February 27, 7:00 pm
Grant Park in the Atrium


This book is written for people who seek an understanding of the problems they face in their everyday lives. It is intended for anyone living in a challenging relationship, with feelings of distress, guilt, or anger, or who may be struggling to make a decision about that same relationship. The book shares 110 different concepts (learning opportunities) ranging from 1 to 3 pages in length.

Dan Rosin is a five-decade veteran of teaching, counselling, therapy, research and training. Dan taught public school for twenty years, completed his doctorate and worked as a therapist and workshop facilitator for the Manitoba Teachers' Society (13,500 educators) for eighteen years. He presently works as independent contractor in an EAP with an emphasis on counselling/therapy with couples.

Dan has written two books, "Finding Balance" and Communication and Relationships." Married, a father of two and grandfather of two, he loves walking and working at the gym, golf, writing, singing jazz, and animals.


 If you cannot make it to the launch, remember if you purchase either of the two books, “Finding Balance” or “Communication & Relationships” online or at the Grant Park store during Launch Week (February 24-March 6) these purchases will go towards deciding if the book will go to #1.

 If you purchase two of the books you will receive a gift of my “Family Tree” game ($39.95 value). This offer is good for Launch Week (Feb. 24-March 6). If you order the books on-line ( you will have to pick the complimentary copy of "The Family Tree" from me (204-488-0359) or pay a delivery charge of $7.00 to David.

      From the archives of couples therapy


 It seems there is a new world out there, one in which men are being held accountable for what they say.

 They came in because she was sure he was having multiple affairs and not just flirting. She was no longer prepared to hear his excuses. “I am this way with everyone, it’s just me.” “I don’t mean anything by it, I’m just playing, just kidding.” Mm! I don’t think so; I don’t believe you’re just playing.

 I gave him another perspective of which I am quite certain he was aware of but certainly not willing to own. “I believe flirting for most men, and to a lesser extent women, is what I call Trolling. Trolling in fishing terms is when you throw the baited hook out into the water and hope some fish bites on the bait. Much of flirting is really trolling without having to declare oneself.

 Unfortunately, she wanted so badly to believe him, to not end the relationship, that was prepared to hear his excuses and remained committed to his “I’m just playing.” I prepared myself for a long and difficult session that I was certain would not really go anywhere.

 Today is a special day, a very exciting day. The first copies of“Communication & Relationships” are off the press and in my "hot little hands”.

 Writing a book is hard but rewarding. Seeing it in print--the look of it, the smell of it-- is so gratifying and exciting.

 I am extremely pleased and proud of how it looks and it's potential to be helpful. I know it’s just one book of tens of thousands of books, however, I hope when you read it, you will experience the insight, simplicity and value of the various concepts, then I can feel it was worth the effort.

One week today is the launch--now that is getting really exciting!