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Dr. Dan's Endweek

Dr Dan’s End-week, Feb. 22

 You do know that I am launching my new book, “Communication  & Relationships” this Wed. February 27, 7 PM at McNally Robinson.

 You do know that I have made my two books, “Finding Balance” and “Communication & Relationships” into a set (same design on both covers).

You do know that I am encouraging people to purchase the set by offering a “free” family game called “The Family Tree” (value $39.95)

You do know that if you or your Social Media friends purchase the book’s during Launch Week, February 24-March 6 the sales will count towards who get the McNally Robinson #1 Best Seller designation.

You don’t know that I have nearly lost my mind trying to find out and repair why my computer's mass distribution program was not sending my newsletters and emails to all my subscribers for the last year (fixed I hope).

You don’t know but I’m going to tell you, just how much I appreciate the following people who had assisted me this past year:

     Brian Hydsmith-book and cover design

     Jeff Robinson- worked tirelessly at solving the computer problems

     Ami Hassan (Falafel restaurant)-permission to talk to and receive email addresses at his establishment, that have become my on-line presence,

     Wayne Rosin-who spends hours correcting and editing the newsletter

     McNally Robinson-for being “McNally Robinson the authors friend”

 So now you know what you know and what you don’t know!

Are you coming?

To Dr. Dan Rosin’s Book Launch

           On Feb. 27, 7 pm, McNally Robinson (Grant Park)

 The largest room at McNally holds 125. So if you are planning to come to the launch perhaps you should come early. (I am being optimistic)

 If you cannot make it to the launch, remember if you purchase either book, “Finding Balance” or “Communication & Relationships” online or at the Grant Park store during Launch Week (February 24-March 6) these purchases will go towards deciding if that book will go to #1.

 If you purchase a set (2) of the books you will receive a gift of my “Family Tree” game ($39.95 value). This offer is good for Launch Week (Feb. 24-March 6). If you order the books on-line( you will have to pick the complimentary copy of "The Family Tree" from me (204-488-0359) or pay a delivery charge of $7.00 to David.

Have a great weekend!