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How About a Little Help For My Friends?


No, I am starting my blog again, although you may hear from me occasionally this winter. As you are aware, if you live here, winters can be long and cold and I may have time on my hands and things to say.

I am contacting you at this time on behalf of two friends of mine-Suzanne Klein and Mark Humphrey-both entrepreneurs.

Suzanne has started a new business, "Freedom For Educators" as has Mark, "Gallery of Little Messes". I said I would help get the word out, so I will be forwarding their information as they send it to me.

I hope you will find that what they do both informative and helpful. Perhaps you could forward it to others who could make use of their service and art as well.

On a personal note, please take this opportunity to bring me up-to-date on how things are with you!


Dr. Dan Rosin
Phone: 204-488-0359