Are You Kidding Me?

It's Sunday, August 8, the day after our province/Manitoba opened up- no masks and no vaccination cards needed! Someone just lost their mind or are they playing politics.


Notes #55

Take note, "Notes" is taking a holiday, I am taking a holiday, Wayne is taking a holiday (editor). It's summer, and summer demands that we experience freedom from regular routines. Freedom to do what ever we like, as long as it means staying away from people outside our home bubble, wearing a mask, safe distancing, getting one's COVID shot, doing take-out from our favourite restaurant, and no planning of trips in or outside of the country (sorry Brad and Suzanne but no golf in the Caymans). Freedom--mm!


Notes #54

With all the restrictions on our lives due to COVID, I thought some talk about resilience might be appropriate.


Notes #53

Last week I gave you my thoughts on the differences, or lack of them, between men and woman. Here are some other opinions: See "Notes" #19, #24, and below.
"Silence Is Golden"
However, too much silence is detrimental to a relationship.


Notes #52

The Interview That Never Was!

Recently I was asked to do an interview for an article. I thought the person asking stated that the article was about depression and anxiety. But when the actual interviewer sent a list of questions, I found that they were mostly focused on men and their mental health.



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