Newsletter Vol. # 60 That's how I see it!

What you're going to get in this weeks newsletter:
     Friendship in a Relationship
     Did You Know (3)
     Friends and Family Improve our Health
     Reader Response
     Something about snapping

Friendship in a Relationship

Either they argued loudly and often, or didn't speak to each other for weeks at a time.


Newsletter Vol. # 59 That's how I see it!

What I would like for you in 2017!

I'd like you to take better care of yourself. You have an incredibly important and stressful job, and you best have a Health Plan of your own.

I'd like you to feel comfortable (guilt free) in putting yourself first. Then you can be well and take better care of others.

I'd like you to live your life on purpose - choosing activities and friends who are positive and good for you.

I'd like you to strengthen your relationship with your partner; after all they are second right after you.


Newsletter Vol. # 58 That's how I see it!

Mr. Smith And His Cheap Rental Car (A Cayman Island Experience)

My mother taught me not to talk to strangers.
I taught my kids not to talk to strangers.
Now my kid is telling her kids not to talk to strangers.

Perhaps it is okay to talk to a stranger when you're 74 and the person you're speaking with has a common annoyance.


Newsletter Vol. # 57 That's how I see it!

 Newsletter Vol.  # 57     That's how I see it!

Getting Started


Newsletter Vol. # 56 That's how I see it!


Due to the great weather we are having and the plethora of emails I am receiving from various golf courses that are still open- you will find this week's newsletter a little heavy on golf!

Golf ... A game where the ball always lies poorly and players well.

Golf--Very Profitable



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