Newsletter Vol. # 7 That's how I see it!

Hello and welcome to vol. #7-especially to you new readers. I guess some of you are listening and are spreading the word/newsletter.


Newsletter Vol. # 6 That's how I see it!

Just back from holidays and they were quite eventful. I'll give you an update on the Cayman holiday in a later newsletter but for now here are a few things to chew on: an article on Dirt, something on retirement, nuts, downside of sitting and anger.

I'd like to see some growth in the numbers of people who receive the newsletter and I need your help- how about encouraging a few new readers? Pass the newsletter on with your recommendation (but only if you can recommend it).

I picked up my tickets for the Winnipeg Jazz Festival in June-have you?


Newsletter Vol. # 5 That's how I see it!

Hi, how are things with you? Interesting week for me. I made one of those "Defining Moment" decisions this week and have mixed feelings about it. 

What's happening with you? Anything you can share? How about your perspective on something that gets your ire up? Write it up and send it in.

Heading out on holidays on Wed. (3/25) so the newsletter will be down for awhile.

Please feel free to share the newsletter with those on your mailing list.

Educational Suicide


Newsletter Vol. # 4 That's how I see it!

A very good person I knew passed away a week ago. We didn't see much of each other, our lives led us in different directions but when we did cross paths I knew he was special, he was a genuinely good man. He loved his family, music, God-- he loved his life. This world is better for him having been in it.

When someone dies that I care about I am reminded of my own mortality. His passing certainly got me thinking about my own life--where I am at, and what I still want to do/accomplish/visit/feel - I plan to work on this.


Newsletter Vol. # 3 That's how I see it!

Hi, another week closer to spring. We are going to short cut spring by visiting the Caymans at the end of March for several weeks. Our son and sister and family all reside in this tropical paradise. By the way we are taking this holiday only because it's good for our health which will increase our productivity and quality of this newsletter--so in essence we are doing this holiday thing just for you. Ahg! (See article below)



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