Midweek #8

Still a few copies left for reviewing!

If you would like a copy of my second book, Communication and Relationships ($19.95) for free - to review, please call me or email me. I am afraid that you will be on the hook for the postage ($6) if I have to mail it to you.

Dan rosin, 178 Elm St. Wpg. R3M 3P2
Pick up is free! We can make arrangements
Telephone 299-9399 or email me at danrosin@drcounselling.com



Midweek #7

Finding Balance...

For more than four decades I have worked with clients to help them solve there 'living' issues and to encourage them to take better care of themselves. Time in therapy has often been reduced by an on-target concept, such as those that fill the pages of this book-Finding Balance....

These concepts help 'cut to the chase' and invite understanding and insight with a minimum of verbiage.


Midweek #6-Dr Dan Rosin

Men and women speak different languages- or at least use the same language very differently. Men live in a world of hierarchy and competition, and that much of the communication is about establishing one's status in the hierarchy, and gaining dominance if possible. Women are more likely to see the world as a series of connections, in which closeness is the goal, and communication is about trying to deepen those connections and building confirmation, support, and consensus.


Midweek #5

You read in last weeks Midweek #4 that Finding Balance... was in the top 10 best seller list for 44 consecutive weeks at McNally Robinson and Chapters in Winnipeg. Just why were people purchasing this book? I believe it was for the following reasons:


Midweek #4

A book written by Dan Rosin (PhD) has remained a best seller (Top 10) for 44 consecutive weeks at McNally Robinson and Chapters in Winnipeg.                                                                                                                                                                                                       for



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