Newsletter Vol. #102

I have decided not to declare a definitive date for the launch of my new book, Communication & Relationships, but rather it will depend on when I have 1000 email addresses to help me launch the book at the McNally Robinson bookstore. So I would like you to help me get to this goal of 1000 email addresses.


Newsletter Vol. #101 Thats How I See It!

Very proud of my friend, Frank Adamson, who just received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Manitoba chapter of ACTRA (theatre organization) for his body of work in stage and film. So richly deserved my friend!

This is actually the beginning of the third grouping of 100 newsletters. So I guess this actually makes it newsletter #201. Jeff, (my computer friend), are you getting me straightened out on this newsletter numbering fiasco?

Re-decision Pt. 1


Newsletter Vol. #100

Thanks once again to all you fine people who have signed up for my newsletter, "That's How I See It". I hope you enjoy, learn something, and are entertained by the content.

This is the second grouping of #100 newsletters, separated by a three-year hiatus. So I guess this actually makes it newsletter #200.


Newsletter Vol. #99

What you have to look forward to:
- an article on job satisfaction;
- three interesting Did You Knows;
- an informative article on communication;
- a blistering response to the Vol. #97 piece on "The 60's Scoop"; and
- one of my favourite series of humour, "...and then the fight started".

Looking For ...In All the Wrong Places     


Newsletter Vol. #98

I know you receive my Newsletter, however, I am not sure you ever grabbed your complimentary copy of "Communication & Relationships". I still have 500 books to give away and I want to make sure you get yours.



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