"Notes" #25

Permission vs. Courtesy

The subject of permission came up with a friend when I suggested a breakfast date. Do I really need my spouse's or partner's permission before I can decide to do something (like stop for a beer with colleagues, or set up a golf game), or can I make that decision on my own with the understanding that if she needs me, I will extend her the courtesy and change my plans.


"Notes" #24

Did You Know-Men and Woman Are Different?

I was brushing my teeth the other morning, (absolutely no connection to what I am about to say), and this thought popped into my head. Why is it that a great many men think they are always in a positive place, that they are in the best of humour, that they are ready to party and play, and that their wives/partners are just "party poopers", always finding a way to derail their fun-loving ideas?


"Notes" #23

A profound thank-you to a reader of "Notes" and author of the piece on COVID below. You now have me thinking about how I see this experience with COVID-19.

                    Helpless-Hopeless-Hapless (H-H-H)


"Notes" #22

I Meet You and Then I Give Up My Friends?


"Notes" #21


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